16yearsdifferentWe are a married couple (bffls!) that have spent more than half our lives together.
Our journey brought us to simple living and minimalism.
With that, there were so many changes along the way.
Rewiring of how we live our lives and even how we thought took place.
The two of us like to learn about people while also trying to encourage those we interact with.

Our podcast embraces how we interact with one another.  We will share about all things in regards to parenting, interests, minimalism, and random odd things that perhaps we are learning about.

Rob is The more laid-back subdued of the two who tends to think deeply.  He’s a bit of a computer geek and a big music lover.  He works hard and is a natural born leader.

Victoria tends to get hyper and is certainly the more emotional of the two.  She loves to quilt and do photography. She is unique and loves to keep herself occupied.

The two of us love to be barefoot, do things together as a family, cuddle, go to cafes, have a love for Fair Trade and ethically produced goods while encouraging sustainability and artistry, read books, go for walks, and learn about cultures around the world.