Episode 15: Declutter Maintenance and Media Organization

We finally got another question! Our friend Emilee sent us in a question asking what we do to maintain our decluttered home. We give some insight in how we deal with things coming in to the home and how to prevent a mess from rearing its ugly head. Also, we give a rundown of what we’ve done to handle our media (books, CDs, DVDs/BluRays).

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2 thoughts on “Episode 15: Declutter Maintenance and Media Organization”

  1. Hey Guys,

    I really enjoyed this episode. I agree that telling grandparents and family members who are rampant gift-givers to back off is a hard task. We haven’t addressed this with our parents yet, but we’ll keep your suggestions in mind when discussing. They really just want to spoil little dude, but there are other ways to spoil without adding to his toy/clothes collection.

    As far as using a media server, I’m quite partial to Plex. It’s great for streaming all types of media (audio, pics, videos). You can also share your library with other friends/family. For audio streaming, I use the Spotify premium plan because we never really bought a ton of CD’s back in the day.

    I remember buying Half-Life 2 in high-school, it was my first STEAM game and it was a “game-changer” in the way game libraries are managed.

    We hope to keep you guys in our ears as we continue to “experiment” with minimalism over the foreseeable future.


    • Yeah, babies and toddlers especially get loads of things from family members which is hard!
      We have/had a couple movies on Plex, but try to keep everything in one place, so Amazon Video is easier since we had things on there first. It is neat though that you can share it with family/friends. I wonder if Amazon has that option (though doubtful).
      Enjoy your experimenting!!! Thanks for continually listening to our episodes.

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