Episode 16: A Birthday Adventure and Sentimental Items

Getting rid of items that were gifted or have special memories associated with them can be some of the hardest items to sort through while you’re minimizing your possessions. In this week’s episode we’ll answer a question from a new listener and try to help sort out some of the issues relating to sentimental and gifted items. Also, wish a happy belated birthday to Victoria as we discuss some birthday excitement we had this year!

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~~Links to things discussed~~

Fumio Sasaki – Goodbye Things

Paperback Swap

Asbury Park

Electric Tattoo

Victoria’s Discogs Page




2 thoughts on “Episode 16: A Birthday Adventure and Sentimental Items”

  1. Great episode!
    I’ve never really held onto items for sentimental reasons and I don’t really like to receive things from family that are “heirlooms”. I’d rather have pictures and stories from family as well as memories rather than an item that takes up space. However, I do have a Civil War Calvary sword that my great-great-great grandfather used that actually saw some action.

    I found it hilarious that Victoria never heard of the term “across the pond” to reference our friends in the UK.

    • Did neither of us respond to this comment?
      That’s like how my mom has her great-grandmother’s spinning wheel in their living room. I wanted it when I was a kid. NOT ANYMORE. It is falling apart and I am tired of dusting it for her!

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