Episode 18: Shopping Fair Trade & Ethical Products

Are you a concerned consumer who is unsure about where to shop?  Do you worry that you are supporting slave labor?  We talk a combination of minimalism and how to seek an end to labor trafficking in this latest episode.  We also talk a little bit about gift giving in consideration to this season.

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~~Links to things discussed~~

Made in a Free World

Justice Network – Fair Trade List

Justice Network – Coffee & Cafes List

LSTN Headphones

U.S. Department of Labor: List of Goods Produced by Child Labor of Forced Labor

Everlane Clothing

Pact Apparel

American Eagle

Global Slavery Index

B Corporation

Fair Trade Certified

“The True Cost” on Netflix

Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Top 45 Fashion Industry Ratings

Baptist World Aid Australia: 2017 Ethical Fashion Report






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