Episode 19: How We’ve Come to Simplify the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time with a lot of things going on to stress you out. A few years ago we decided to change the way we do things to make our lives a little easier, but at the same time a bit more cumbersome. Join us as we spend a little time explaining the ways we’ve adapted to an ever more crazy holiday season.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 19: How We’ve Come to Simplify the Holidays”

  1. After listening to this episode I have found myself understanding more of what my wife has been suggesting around the holidays. I grew up fairly spoiled and my parents made it an effort to purchase everything on our lists, which is probably one of the reasons I’m so materialistic.

    Kelsey, on the other hand, hates the commercialization of any holiday and feels that Christmas doesn’t really have meaning anymore. Not saying we don’t want to celebrate it, but it should be just like all holidays when we get together with family and make memories.

    My hardest part about adopting a similar approach to Christmas is the fact that my parents love to spoil our son. It’s ridiculous how many gifts they shower him with…we couldn’t fit them all in the back of our SUV…just to give you a sense of scale. It was sickening.

    Our message to our parents this year is that if they feel inclined to purchase gifts, we’d love season passes to the nature center, local museums, or camping passes. I know there is some joy that Simon’s grandparents get when watching him open a gift, but if we want to put more emphasis on “less is more” lifestyle, we need to make sure he’s not getting the opposite message elsewhere.

    Anyway, loved this episode. I feel the same way about the religious aspect of the season. My favorite type of people are those that make a big stink about others taking “Christ out of Christmas”….getting offended over nothing. They feel that is is some sort of persecution or something…yet they don’t live out their faith in a way that leads others to Him. Anyway, I would love to go on and on with that topic, but I’ll cut it short.

    – Nick

  2. So well said!!
    We didn’t mention in this episode, but the first time I celebrated Christmas with Rob’s family, they barely got presents (and the ones they did were basic and inexpensive). I didn’t understand and thought he was should have received more, but realize that it was better off.

    That is crazy about how many presents your son got. He’s really little too right? The season pass idea is a great gift! Did you get that at all or just physical presents from parents/in-laws? It is hard to start telling parents to cool off, but it works once they adjust and start understanding that less stuff mindset.

    My parents gave each of our sons money and my eldest brother gave them winter gloves they needed. Those are the only presents they got this year.

    I really do feel that Kelsey and I have a few things in common haha.
    By the way, I like the new name for your podcast! I need to hear the latest still (but I heard the one from the week earlier).

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