Episode 33: The One in Which We Talk About Books, Part 2


Last week we discussed some of our favorite books so to follow up, this week we present part two of this discussion where we share feedback we received from others who told us some of their favorites!

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5 Replies to “Episode 33: The One in Which We Talk About Books, Part 2”

  1. The Bride of Frankenstein 1935 (Granted this is no book, but hey it’s still a superb creation).

    1. We enjoy that film ourselves. Sweet choice! We both read the book “Frankenstein” a few years back, which was pretty interesting actually, though not a favorite. Gotta love classic books AND films.

      1. The bit where he meets the blind hermit is my favorite bit

  2. So I listened to both podcasts about books while binding books. 🙂

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