Episode 41: About Us, Part 3: How We REALLY Started Dating

After leaving you all on a bit of a cliffhanger with the close of our last episode, we decided to follow up right away with the next part of our story! So sit back, relax (or don’t if you’re driving because that’s dangerous!), and let us tell you the tale of the time that we became officially official!

3 thoughts on “Episode 41: About Us, Part 3: How We REALLY Started Dating”

  1. My itch of curiousity was scratched but you mentioned another future twist in the love story that will have listeners waiting for the imaginary summer till the show comes back and concludes the cliffhanger, Maybe a quick finality at the start of the next episode or anything that doesnt leave the story at a cliffhanger im not wondering about this future possible break up.

    • Haha. We never did break up again. We’ll see what we can say at the beginning of next episode if it doesn’t take away from what we want to really talk about.

      • k just when i was feeling satisfied Rob threw in another plot twist for the “future” im hanging off the cliff

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