Episode 5: Mental Health Awareness

This week’s episode is primarily devoted to a discussion on mental health. In it we discuss a bit about our own struggles and ways we’ve learned about coping with it and how to be aware of the health of other people.

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~~Links to things discussed~~

Anthem of Hope

To Write Love On Her Arms

Raw Food for Life

Eden’s Garden




5 thoughts on “Episode 5: Mental Health Awareness”

  1. Really liking this so far! This topic has been on my mind a lot recently so listening to this episode was very encouraging.

  2. Really enjoyed this episode, like I have all the other episodes but this was special to me. I’m actually relistening right now!
    I truly believe in bringing light to mental health. It’s never anything to be ashamed about or judge one by.
    Also a major enthusiast in raw plant base foods and essential oils.
    Great job and awesome topics!
    Spread the happiness and love. 💖

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