Episode 7: Independent Media, Linux, and Excess Clothing… OH MY!


In this episode, Victoria and Rob spend some time responding to a couple of emails from a listener where we offer some suggestions about thinning out a clothing collection, Linux frustrations (or the lack there-of), and the beauty of the Creative Commons licensing of independent media such as podcasting!

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~~Links to things discussed~~

FL Studio 12 (Fruity Loops)

Who’s On Podcast

Holy Commons podcast

Blue Microphones

Rob’s musical endeavors on SoundCloud (not a complete collection).

Creative Commons – Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Simply Us Episode 4: The Paradox of Choice, Ruining Movies for Others, and Victoria’s Baby Cradle

System76: Laptops, Desktops, and Servers built for GNU+Linux

Raspberry Pi

Sseko Designs



2 Replies to “Episode 7: Independent Media, Linux, and Excess Clothing… OH MY!”

  1. Hello Again,
    Thanks for taking the time to elaborate on the whole Linux thing. I misheard you in one of your first podcasts and thought you were having issues getting your audio working.

    We’ll take your advice on getting the wardrobe down to a more manageable level, but I think that will take some time.

    I was able to find you guys on Google Play by searching the words Family and Tech. You were about 15-20 podcasts down the list. Honestly, I selected it purely due to Rob’s beard.

    Anyway, we just finished recording our introduction episode and can be found on iTunes and GooglePlay…coming soon to other services as well. Our site is currently hosted on WordPress.com but we’ll be moving to self-hosting soon. Our site is handydandyduo.com and we would love for some honest feedback on the site and first episode. I’m just learning about audio editing and it took a while to get the settings just how I wanted them in the mp3.

    Can’t wait to hear about crypto-currency. You should bring up how it has disrupted the GPU industry. I facepalmed myself so hard when I sold my gaming rig in March with an RX 480 which I could have gotten 200% of what I spent on it had I waited.


    1. I did definitely have some issues getting the Beats audio stuff working on my one laptop and I’ve had problems with audio I/O relating to USB devices particularly (older version of Mint wouldn’t see them some boots) but for the most part I did learn how to deal with them.

      We’ll definitely check out the site and the podcast once it’s up!

      And good call on mentioning the impact of cryptos on the GPU market. I had been looking at grabbing a 480 or two while they were about $250 a couple of months ago but never did… whoops.

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