Episode 8: Our Favorite Summer Albums and Movies & How “Fake Internet Money” Got Us Out of Debt

On this episode of the Simply Us podcast, we decided to get all-in with the summer spirit by giving some of our recommendations of favorite summer music and movies! Also, we do a small introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Feel free to leave a comment on other summery music and movie recommendations, or if you have any other questions or comments about the world of cryptocurrencies/fake internet money/digital assets.

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Summer Album Suggestions:
Any Mineo – Heroes for Sale
Rilo Kiley – Take Offs and Landings
The Beatles – Abbey Road
Chris Isaak – Baja Sessions

Victoria’s Summer Album List:
Young the Giant – (Self-Titled) – I Got (In the Open)
Chris Murray Combo – Why So Rude? – Love Flame
The Expanders – (Self-Titled) – Evilous Number (Live Acoustic)
The Shore – (Self-Titled) – Hard Road
Ace of Base – Cruel Summer – Tokyo Girl

Rob’s Summer Album List:
The Expanders – (Self-Titled) – Moving Along
Chris Murray – Yard Sale – Let There Be Peace
Weezer – Blue Album – The Sweater Song
The Postal Service – Give Up – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Pinback – Summer in Abaddon – AFK
The Pietasters – Oolooloo – Can I Change My Mind
J.Views – Rivers & Homes – Rivers & Homes
The Dodos – Visiter – Go Longboard Pt. 2 by Original Skateboards featuring The Season by The Dodos
Weatherbox – American Art – Moments Before the Smashing of Future Ryan
Anti-Flag – The People or the Gun – The Gre(A)t Depression
Professor Plum – Master Plan E.P. – Raising the Roof

Rob’s Movie List:
The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking
Dude Where’s My Car
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Spring and Chaos
Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Dogtown and Z-Boys

Victoria’s Movie List:
The Parent Trap
Move Over Darling
Bikini Beach
The Long Hot Summer
Teen Beach Movie
The Muppet Movie
Addams Family Values
American Graffiti
Yours, Mine and Ours
Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation

Digital Asset things:
Steemit.com – Reddit-like blogging platform that pays you for upvotes.
BTCpop.co – Bitcoin P2P loans, IPOs, Shares, and Altcoins exchange.
BitTwenty.com – Digital Asset index fund.
Earn.gg – Participate in surveys and offers, and watch videos to earn points redeemable for Bitcoin.
Coinbase (When referral buys or sells $100 of Digital Assets, both get $10 in BTC)


4 thoughts on “Episode 8: Our Favorite Summer Albums and Movies & How “Fake Internet Money” Got Us Out of Debt”

  1. Hey Rob and Victoria! I hopped off social media for a while but was following Victoria on YouTube and Instagram. Anyway, I’ve been keeping up with these podcasts and love them! My go-to Summer albums are Little Joy’s self-titled album from 2008; Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix; Wilder Adkins’ Hope and Sorrow; The Wild Reeds’ The World We Built; and Effi Briest’s Rhizomes (warning: the last one is loud and strange). Not necessarily a Summer song, but check out the awesome new collaboration by the Decemberists and Olivia Chaney. It’s called Offa Rex and it is gorgeous. Keep up the good work on your podcast!

    Rebecca Christopher

    • I have been wondering where you have been, Rebecca!!! I figured you were taking another break from social media, which is great.
      We are listening to Little Joy’s self-titled album right now and really love it!!! Thank you for the recommendation! We’ll be listening to the rest of your suggestions throughout the week.
      I recently mentioned in one of our podcast episodes about The Wild Reeds’ The World We Built because I really adore that album. Yey!!!
      Keep in touch!!!! I really would love to have a way to keep in communication with you (even if I can write you letters if you’d be up for it)

  2. Love this week’s episode. I haven’t gotten much into digital assets but i follow the news on it pretty regularly on investopedia.

    On a different note. I’m having trouble finding the Facebook page. Is it listed as something different?

    My summer tunes are:
    Four Year Strong – Rise or Die Trying
    Lecrae – Anomaly
    Motion City Soundtrack – Commit This to Memory

    Independence Day – 1996
    Anchorman – 2004
    Hidalgo – 2004

    • Yeah, the digital asset space is a bit of a crazy place to be right now. In the next couple of years it will probably be a lot easier to deal with but for now it’s rather wild and free (not always in the best sense, either).

      As for the facebook page, I did a search for “simply us” and “simply us podcast” and it did come up pretty quickly, but that might be because I’m already associated with it. The actual URL is facebook.com/simplyuspodcast if you want to just use that to get there.

      Those are some pretty great summer recommendations as well! Glad to hear from you, as always!

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