Episode 9: Our Camping Trip, Camping Experiences, and Two Special Guests

Last week we took a short family vacation where the boys got to experience their first night camping at an age where they’ll remember it! In this episode we’ll talk a bit about our trip and some other camping experiences we have had growing up. Also, since this was a family vacation, we figured this would be a great time to get a couple of very special guests on the show! (They have been asking to be on it for a while now.)

Also, we now have a couple of videos up from Knoebels on our YouTube channel! You can check these out and the back-catalog of some older videos we have done about simple living and minimalism. You can find us on YouTube at YouTube.com/c/SimplyUs.

Click through to the full description to get links about today’s topic and make sure to visit us at Simply-Us.net for contact info and comment section!

~~Links to things discussed~~

Little Joy
Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Knoebels park
Flying Turns
Scenic Skyway

Camp Cherith/Camp Cedarbrook (Camp Cherith WNY is a boys only camp)

Therm-A-Rest ridgerest (rollup)

Therm-A-Rest Z lite (folding)


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