Episode 7: Independent Media, Linux, and Excess Clothing… OH MY!

In this episode, Victoria and Rob spend some time responding to a couple of emails from a listener where we offer some suggestions about thinning out a clothing collection, Linux frustrations (or the lack there-of), and the beauty of the Creative Commons licensing of independent media such as podcasting!

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Episode 2: Beards, the Environment, DNA Test, and Records

Welcome back for episode 2! We’ve got another couple of submitted questions to go over including some pointers for beard care and being conscious of our environmental impact. Also, Victoria got some special news from her dad, and we talk about our modest obsession with spinning plastic.

~~Beard Care~~

Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle

Apothecary 87 Barber’s Comb

Beardology’s Etsy store

The Beard Baron’s YouTube Channel


Moon Cup

Moon Cup Video

Our Compost Bin Video

Hand-Crank Tumble Washer Video

Norwex Products

~~DNA Test~~

23 and Me

~~Open Talk (Records)~~

The Fiendz