Episode 6: Minimalist Weddings and Robot Takeovers

This week we’ll be discussing the average cost of weddings and honeymoons, planning them out, and what we did and how we would change it if we could do it again.

Also, a quick discussion on Rob’s “fear of robots” due to the fact that he recently got around to reading I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.

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Episode 3: YouTube and Podcast Recommendations, What We Do for News, and May the Fourth Review

Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers tuning in! Today on episode 3 of Simply Us we’ll go over a couple more questions relating to where we get our inspiration for the lifestyle we’ve chosen to live, what we do to keep up on news, and a quick review of what we’ve been consuming from the entertainment industry!

As always, feel free to visit our website at Simply-Us.net to leave any comments or questions on the post or through the contact info we have listed!

~~Links to things discussed~~

The Minimalists on YouTube

Sew the Land on YouTube

Art and Bri on YouTube

Cohesive Home podcast page

Living Big in a Tiny House on YouTube

Japanese noodle restaurant conversion tour

Tiny House Swoon

Small House Swoon

Tiny House Talk